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<Beautiful Companions> 2012. 2012. Exhibition in Hanoi and Seoul


In 2012, Korea and Vietnam celebrated the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations, and MBC (public broadcasting corporation in Korea) and VAVA(VIETNAM ASSOCIATION FOR VICTIMS OF AGENT ORANGE / DIOXIN) hosted a 1,750km Vietnam tour by bicycle.

I participated in the project at the request of MBC, but later, with the cooperation of the project management team, I switched to the form of personal work in the field to proceed and finish the work.

During the project period, I had to stay in different villages every day, and each time I met agent orange victims and their families.

-. Parent generation, the first generation of Agent Orange victims who suffered physical anomalies under the influence of Agent Orange.

-. Child generation, the second generation of Agent Orange victims who grew up with greater physical and mental damage than the parent generation due to contamination of soil and drinking water,

-. Grandson's generation, the third generation of Agent Orange victims with inherited genetic diseases under the influence of defoliants accumulated in the body of previous generations.

The experience of meeting agent orange victims in this background in different villages every day made me to start this work.

This is a work that recorded events on the surface, but it is the story of agent orange victims "not revealed (or hidden)" for various reasons.

In addition, I filmed the stories of participants from both countries participating in this event in several omnibus formats.

The photos I took were used in a special documentary for two episodes produced by MBC.

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