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<Floating Dream> 2011. 2016. Two exhibitions in Seoul

'Floating Dream' is an autobiographical story of my 20s when I was full of problems.

Through two series exhibitions, I tried to express my worries, dreams, and aspirations for dreams at the time.

I projected my troubles and dreams on the sea and the horizon, and this process was also a visualization of my commitment as an artist.

This series completes a single photo through a tedious and complicated process that was deliberately selected.

Take a picture using a 4X5 large format camera and manually disassemble and recombine the result several times.

Through this work process, I thought about what would be important in the process of fulfilling my dream and made the whole process the object of the exhibition.

The 'Rising Dream' series, which began with the background of the sea, continues to work, moving various places and backgrounds.

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