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<Beyond the Wall>, <No Face, No Name, No Number> 2017 announcement


Represented by 'Beyond the Wall', this series is a story of prison people recorded in a small prison in Malawi, Africa from 2014 to 2016.

Inmates (mostly criminals) and prison guards are the main characters of the work.

This work contains the stories of people who interact with each other in a state where time, space, and objects are limited in a prison where everything is limited.

As the work progressed, it was also an opportunity to deepen the thoughts of humanity, drinking water, food, and sanitation.

I lived in prison with prisoners for about two months for filming and recorded the scene with photos, videos and sound recordings.

I tried to record the daily lives of prisoners, labor, religious activities, feelings, and releases.

I stayed in prison and filmed with permission from the Malawi Correctional Authority and NGOs, but I couldn't find a sponsor, so I paid for everything.


In a portfolio review organized by LensCulture, I was awarded the "Emerging Talents Awards".


The work was permanently collected by winning the "Young Portfolio" hosted by Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (Kiyosato Museum of Photography, Japan).

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