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<There was no star in the desert of youth> 2017. Exhibition in Seoul


This is a series of four friends' body shots for 12 years from 2006 to 2017.

I likened the time of trouble and wandering in my twenties to the desert. And I thought it was the heart of this series' work to collect pictures of the past time that would remain somewhere in the body and memory of my friends and me.

We filmed after experiencing emotional upheaval, a major incident. And the traces of the troubles and wanderings left behind by the words we exchanged were expressed as 'travelers crossing the desert'. I thought this was the history of me and my friends and the record of our 20s.

At an exhibition in Seoul in 2017, I introduced large prints of 250 x480cm, letters / texts exchanged with friends during the shooting period, and plasters that mimic parts of the body.

This work was introduced as an exhibition to unravel the 'worries of the growth process' that I experienced in the extension of the 'Floating Dream' series.

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