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Artist, Seoul, Korea,

Currently working in Seoul, Korea

Boring but sincere school days have led me to psychology.
It was thanks to my deep interest and curiosity that extended to “people” during my school days.

Psychology solved many of my questions one at a time
And it was the starting point of my photographic work that I started to leave as a photo the questions I solved and the answers to.

I have a perspective on the world through psychology.
I believe that I am meeting and talking to the world through photography.

So my pictures always talk about people.
My recent work focuses on 'the process of the relationship between the individual and society, and the gap between them'.

The various jobs modify me because I spend time on various things that I can do with photography,
I myself want to find my identity in “the“ worker ”who makes meaningful pictures worth thinking about”.

Still unanswered questions are piled up.
Even if it takes time, I believe it's my job to do it slowly, without rushing.


2010 BFA Psychology, College of Social Science, Ajou University, Korea


2016 ARRI Master Class

2009 Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Art and Humanities, exchange student

2009 Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Business Administration, exchange student

2008 National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, Xiqu Performing Art short term program

2008 Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation - Ajou University, Culture&Art Academy 

2006 ChungAng University - Epson Korea Photo Academy, Advanced Course


- Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts(japan), Young Portfolio, Winner, 2018

- PDN(USA), Emerging Photographer, Winner, 2018

- LensCulture Exposure Awards, Editors Pick, 2017

- LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards, Winner(World Top 50), 2016

- Corona Relex Awards, 2010

- Samsung C&T Global Futuremark Awards, 입상, 2009

- Korean Air,  Travel Photo Contest, Gold Prize, 2008

Exhibition - solo

"Desert of Youth", Bando Gallery, Korea, 2017

"See of Thought", Bloomvista Hotel, Korea, 2016
"Floating Dream #.2", Gallery Now, Korea, 2016

"Beautiful Companions", Photo Exhibition of 20th Anniversary of Korea-Vietnam Diplomatic Relations, Gallery is, Korea, 2013
"Beautiful Companions", Photo Exhibition of 20th Anniversary of Korea-Vietnam Diplomatic Relations, Calidas Landmark72, Vietnam, 2013

"Floating Dream #.1", Gallery PEN, Korea, 2011
"Angkor People", Olympus Korea Flagship store, Korea, 2010
"Angkor People", Photo scenario, Norway, 2009

Exhibition - Group(selected)

"Viento", Topo hous, Korea, 2016
"恒産恒藝", GalleryImazoo, Korea, 2016
"Sea and I", Seoul Photo festival - Bon Gallery, Korea, 2012
"Style impact & Crocodile Ladies", Crocodile Flagship store, Korea, 2011

"The 3rd Exhibition of Style impact", Art Space Lou, Korea, 2011

TV - Documentary 

MBCSpecial documentary, <말라위의 꿈>, 2014

SBS Special documentary, <독성가족>, 2014

MBC Special documentary, <꿈나무들의 행복열차>, 2013 

MBC Special documentary, <새싹들의 1004합창>, 2013

MBC, <스페셜 위대한 탄생>. 2013

MBC Special documentary, <한국-베트남 수교 20주년 기념, 아름다운 동행>, 2012

MBC Special documentary, <힘내라 청춘>, 2012

MBC 50th Anniversary Special Documentary, <마음의 눈으로 가을을 만나다>, 2011

MBC 50th Anniversary Special Documentary, <새터민 학생들의 남도여행>, 2011

KBS Entertainment program, <청춘불패>, 2010.01-04

Broadcasting and Appearance

BBS Culture Program, Panel, 2016

YTN Photo and Culture Program, MC, 2011-2015

SBS-CNBC, Human Library, "Artst LEE JONGHUN”, 2014
Hanbang TV, "Artst LEE JONGHUN”, 2014

ABN, Let's Go, MC, 2012-2013


KT&G sangsang univ. Photoschool, 2010 ~ on going
Yeonsung University, Dept. of Fashion Stylist, Photo and Design, 2014

Yong-in Songdam College, Dept of Textile Fashion Design, Digital Photography, 2012

Olympus Korea, Photo Academy, 2011~2012     


<Angkor People> 2009. Exhibition in Norway

'Angkor People' is about a small village in Siem Reap, Cambodia's tourist city.

A backpacking trip to Cambodia at the recommendation of my parents, before graduating from high school, is the starting point of this work.

After that, I visited the same village for several years and continued working with the same people.

Thanks to the people who leaned against the Angkor Wat temple, the space background and title of the work became Angkor.

I wanted to tell the story of <People who live very strongly connected to the space of life> through the residents who have been living a part of their lives in the Angkor Wat temple. 

<Floating Dream> 2011. 2016. Two exhibitions in Seoul

'Floating Dream' is an autobiographical story of my 20s when I was full of problems.

Through two series exhibitions, I tried to express my worries, dreams, and aspirations for dreams at the time.

I projected my troubles and dreams on the sea and the horizon, and this process was also a visualization of my commitment as an artist.

This series completes a single photo through a tedious and complicated process that was deliberately selected.

Take a picture using a 4X5 large format camera and manually disassemble and recombine the result several times.

Through this work process, I thought about what would be important in the process of fulfilling my dream and made the whole process the object of the exhibition.

The 'Rising Dream' series, which began with the background of the sea, continues to work, moving various places and backgrounds.

<Beautiful Companions> 2012. 2012. Exhibition in Hanoi and Seoul

In 2012, Korea and Vietnam celebrated the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations, and MBC (public broadcasting corporation in Korea) and VAVA(Vietnam Association for Viictims of Agent orange/dioxin) hosted a 1,750km Vietnam tour by bicycle.

I participated in this project at the request of MBC, but later, with the cooperation of the project management team, I switched to the form of personal work in the field to proceed and finish the work.

During the project period, I had to stay in different villages every day, and each time I met agent orange victims and their families.

-. Parent generation, the first generation of Agent Orange victims who suffered physical anomalies under the influence of Agent Orange.

-. Child generation, the second generation of Agent Orange victims who grew up with greater physical and mental damage than the parent generation due to contamination of soil and drinking water,

-. Grandson's generation, the third generation of Agent Orange victims with inherited genetic diseases under the influence of defoliants accumulated in the body of previous generations.

The experience of meeting agent orange victims in this background in different villages every day made me to start this work.

This is a work that recorded events on the surface, but it is the story of agent orange victims "not revealed (or hidden)" for various reasons.

In addition, I filmed the stories of participants from both countries participating in this event in several omnibus formats.

The photos I took were used in a special documentary for two episodes produced by MBC.

<Beyond the Wall>, <No Face, No Name, No Number> 2017 announcement

Represented by 'Beyond the Wall', this series is a story of prison people recorded in a small prison in Malawi, Africa from 2014 to 2016.

Inmates (mostly criminals) and prison guards are the main characters of the work.

This work contains the stories of people who interact with each other in a state where time, space, and objects are limited in a prison where everything is limited.

As the work progressed, it was also an opportunity to deepen the thoughts of humanity, drinking water, food, and sanitation.

I lived in prison with prisoners for about two months for filming and recorded the scene with photos, videos and sound recordings.

I tried to record the daily lives of prisoners, labor, religious activities, feelings, and releases.

I stayed in prison and filmed with permission from the Malawi Correctional Authority and NGOs, but I couldn't find a sponsor, so I paid for everything.

-. In a portfolio review organized by LensCulture, I was awarded the "Emerging Talents Awards".

-. The work was permanently collected by winning the "Young Portfolio" hosted by Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (Kiyosato Museum of Photography, Japan).

<There was no star in the desert of youth> 2017. Exhibition in Seoul

This is a series of four friends' body shots for 12 years from 2006 to 2017.

I likened the time of trouble and wandering in my twenties to the desert. And I thought it was the heart of this series' work to collect pictures of the past time that would remain somewhere in the body and memory of my friends and me.

We filmed after experiencing emotional upheaval, a major incident. And the traces of the troubles and wanderings left behind by the words we exchanged were expressed as 'travelers crossing the desert'. I thought this was the history of me and my friends and the record of our 20s.

At an exhibition in Seoul in 2017, I introduced large prints of 250 x480cm, letters / texts exchanged with friends during the shooting period, and plasters that mimic parts of the body.

This work was introduced as an exhibition to unravel the 'worries of the growth process' that I experienced in the extension of the 'Floating Dream' series.

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